Thursday, August 06, 2009

Waterbed Conditioner - What You Need To Know

If you own a waterbed you should know that from time to time you will need a waterbed conditioner. If you don't know this then prepare to be enlightened! Waterbeds may seem a bit old hat to some, but to those of us who own one they are just cool. High levels of comfort, a little luxury and glamor, you get the picture. Unfortunately, to get the best out of your bed you need a few relatively inexpensive waterbed accessories and perhaps the most important is waterbed conditioner.

The trouble with water, particularily non flowing water, is that its got a habit of going stagnant. Obviously this is not an overnight thing, but give it a few months and stagnation follows. This isn't generally because the good old H20 is bad stuff, but generally because the organisms and life forms living in the water, even good old treated tap water safe for human consumption, have a habit of going forth and multiplying when they get a settled home, if you follow my drift. Now those molds and fungis that are relatively harmless in general terms, get a nice new, sometimes heated, home and tend to multiply using the oxygen in the water. Needless to say the effects are that the water becomes contaminated with these moulds and fungis, the water becomes a de-oxygenated dead zone and gradually goes stagnant. Now in a waterbed this isn't a good thing.

Well why isn't it a good thing? It's out of sight and out of mind is it not? Yeah, right! The problem is that these molds tend to break down the inner vinyl walls of your waterbed bladder. Hmm that's not so hot! Now don't get in a panic, it isn't overnight, but non the less these critters lodged on the walls of your waterbed mattress are gradually weakening the structure of your waterbed bladder. Now like me, when you buy a quality product you want it to last, in the case of a waterbed bladder probably as long as ten years. You don't want a waterbed weeping, you don't want to have to repair your waterbed, you just want to get on with enjoying it hassle free.

The other thing about life forms living in your bed is the smell they give off, and i'm not talking about partners here, but the swimming molds in your luxury waterbed. Yep, as they go forth and multiply they tend to let rip to ripe effect. Now some of this is just natural mold respiration, but a stinking waterbed is not what you need. So how can you make your waterbed last longer without smelling?

First off, consider do you really need a waterbed heater, is it necessary in the climate you live in or would a thermal waterbed mattress pad do the job? I only ask because molds et al love a warm environment. The,warmer the better, the warmer the more they thrive and the quicker you mattress will deteriorate and stink! So think long and hard, or short if you live in the freezing wastes! Lose the heater, lose the growth rate.

Alternatively, for those of you, me included, who demand the best at all times and all choices for every eventuality, the answer to our problems is waterbed conditioner. Yep, some clever people noticed this problem, weren't happy and did something about it. They invented a cheap and easy way to solve the whole problem. Essentially they worked out the best waterbed treatment chemicals to keep the growth down and made it available to us.

The beauty of it is that the stuffs really easy to use, easily available over the net, cheap, small enough to be delivered by post and works! So, what to look for in a treatment, well you can get waterbed solutions or waterbed conditioner tablets. Both treat your waterbed effectively. On the one hand the tablets are easy to use because judging dose is easy and non to messy, although tablets probably don't break down and disperse as quickly as a liquid solution dose. On the other hand liquids give a more perfect measure than a solid. Either way use one or other and your going to achieve a better result than not!

For either treatment application is easy, take your dose as per manufacturer instruction generally included in the pack, and whack it in through the filling aperture on your waterbed bladder. It really is as simple as that!

Well, ok, how often do i have to bother with all that? Lucky for us not that often! Most of these treatments and conditioners only need one annual application, so it's all rather straightforward. Sometimes you might see an offer to buy a multi pack of treatments, you know, buy one get one free and all that, but i'm not altogether convinced. The shelf life on conditioners can vary, so if your buying a multi pack and you only need to treat the bladder once a year consider the shelf life of the stuff your buying, i mean at the end of the day, it's a 5 minute job to order on the net, so why not just get your waterbed conditioner when you need it? Well i hope that will get you started, next time we'll look at whether you can make your own treatment and what are the ingredients in waterbed conditoner that do all the hard work.

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